We are agricultural specialists helping farmers excel in the cannabis space

Become part of a vast network of leaders with integrity, experience and dedication that understand Cannabis and recognize each clients specific needs. 

About Us

About Integrous Group


We are full service agricultural professionals specialized in providing connections and 

connecting the dots within the Cannabis supply chain (from seed to sale) resulting in high quality Cannabinoids and industrial   derivatives.  

Our diversified advisory team allows us to provide highly skilled market advice to suit each customer’s needs.  

Our Experience


With decades of collective brokerage experience, our brokers have some of the strongest market relationships in the business.  

We are  committed to improving and consistently meeting the needs of the farmers within the cannabis supply chain network for compliance with all necessary local, and federal safety regulations and requirements

We have been consistent in our dedication to improving and  meeting the needs of the manufacturers and all others within the cannabis ecosystems for the best medical cannabis, herbal medicines, and pharmaceutical products.

What We Do


We  ensure cannabinoids and cannabis agricultural assets  reach patients swiftly, affordably, and consistently.  We understand how  necessary it is to implement modern farming, distribution, processing, and manufacturing quality which exceed market standards and set the example for what is happening in the industry.


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