About Us

Banafsheh Shea Khorram


Banafsheh Shea Khorram graduated from UCLA

with degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies. During her studies, she gained

experience with Geographic Information System (GIS), built queries & layered maps to

find rapid solutions focusing on urban planning, infection control, ecology, & sustainable

agriculture. Upon graduating, she served as an Environmental Analyst at EIP Associates

where she researched and helped prepare Environmental Impact Reports pursuant to

the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

 Shea later pursued higher education as an infection control specialist becoming a

Periodontal Therapist & Registered Dental Hygienist. She spent more than a decade

managing clinical hygiene departments and drafting standard operating procedures for

certified green dentistry offices. As a religious and political refugee, Shea is dedicated to making positive environmental changes and truly living her green American dream.

Since 2015, Shea has been following hemp industry legislation, regulations, and

market demands.  She brings value to the industry by understanding USDA regulations and certifications, EPA sustainability, and

environmental science. Her and her partners bring years of cannabis industry experience and data to the Integrous Group organization. The team is currently working to form a system that creates certifications and related

registrations (stamp of approval) from the USDA based on hemp production throughout

the supply chain. 

Her keen sense of understanding different demographics and geo-economic patterns, contributes to her ability to better connect local farmers and governmental agencies and workers alike. The Integrous Group is honored to be represented by such a unique strong woman who is ready to help serve your


Marcellus Brown


Marcellus Brown III is the former Vice President of Sales at Imperial Hemp Company and will now be assuming the position of Vice President of sales for this subsidiary organization. He has 19 years of cannabis business experience behind his name. Working on assisting in several projects both domestic and internationally.

His experience ranges from assisting with the writing of bills, creating business platforms, and standards that will help propel the Cannabis sector forward into new bio-science technologies as well as the current market requirements. He defines the growth target and

profit target as they relate to the revenue associated with the company’s projected annual goals from start to finish. 

His skills are catered to educating consumers and potential customers about the

different product options available based on specific needs. In addition, he is responsible for recruiting and managing sales teams as well as creating sales strategies and devising sales techniques.

During the initial stages of the intake process with new clients Marcellus provides assessments of the client’s needs and develops tailored plans that focus on eliminating the maladaptive behaviors associated with the primary complaints of the costumers.  He is very meticulous about making follow-up phone calls to ensure all recommendations are

adequately addressing the intended goals and rendering the desired end results. Integrous Group is honored to have someone with such an extensive background on our team and look forward to having him assess

your company's needs